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ECommerce Sites
built with you in mind

Our ECommerce Sites are feature stuffed!
But what are the critical features to note?

Point #1: No Technical Skills Required

Technology is full of acronyms and bewildering terminology.
With our Ecommerce solutions, you can leave all that stuff to us and concentrate on your business.

Your site will be setup ready with complete Shopping Basket functionality, just add your products and your PayPal details.

Everything you need to set up your business website and start selling online. It’s quick and easy to add your products, and start accepting orders.

You could make your first sale the same day you sign up!

Point #2: Simple Admin Interface

A Spicefly ECommerce site, comes with an Administration interface. Here you add, remove and manage your Products including images. Plus review your sales and learn whats selling.

Point #3: UK Support

We don't outsource our support offshore, all support is UK based.

Point #4: Location of Hosting

Although it can be tempting to host your site somewhere remote with cheap as chips hosting.
Search Engines can use the physical location of where your website is hosted to determine the country you are targeting.

This makes it extremely important to be based in a UK data centre, so you obtain a higher Search Engine weighting.

Spicefly ECommerce sites are fully hosted only in UK data centres, helping your business to acheive a high Search Engine Ranking.

Point #5: No Hidden Costs

We charge a flat fee, no hidden costs and we don't take a percent of each transaction.

Point #6: Always Up to Date

Don't worry about a thing. All our ECommerce sites include free updates for life.

We are constantly investigating the latest technologies and ensure your site is always up to date with performance improvements, new features and functionality.

These enhancements you choose whether you to enable or not to enhance your site and d keep your site in tip-top condition.

Point #7: Always Listening

We listen to our customers. If you have a fab idea let us know and we'll see whether we can make it possible. Struggling with a feature, let us know and we'll help to make it easier to understand.

Point #8: Look at more of our Features

Hover your mouse over the feature list on the left and see what else we offer all at a flat monthly rate.

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