Check out Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need any technical skills to setup my ecommerce web site?

A. No, each ecommerce site has an administration panel where you can set your site colours, upload photographs, edit the text and specific a number of settings. You can even create manual orders offline if you take orders over the phone or email.

Q. What do I need to get started?

A. You just need a Domain name and a PayPal account. Then just add your Products, Descriptions and Images and off you go! Easy

Q. Will my site be fast?

A. Yes, our ecommerce sites are designed to be highly efficient and are built using the latest web technologies. This coupled with being hosted in a UK data centre provides the best user experience and aids a higher search engine ranking position.

Q. Will my site support Mobiles and Tablets?

A. Yes, our Fully Loaded ecommerce solution incorporates a highly efficient optimised design for Mobile and Tablet devices ensuring fast and easy navigation.

Q. How many pictures can I have for each Product?

A. Currently we allow three pictures for each Product.

Q. Can a Product be in more than one category?

A. Yes, each Product can be in a single category or in a number of categories simultaneously, so can be shown multiple times on your site, for example in a New Product category and the Homepage.